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Hopefully you’ve been following our good pal The Retro Draughtsman on Facebook and seen some of the great Star Wars prints he’s had on offer so far – still plenty more to come as well. If you’re not aware of his work, then head to our recent interview with Gav at MCM in Birmingham. The hot news today is that the final line-up of Retro Draughtsman 2018 The Empire Strikes Back figure collection calendar has been revealed along with some images of the pages.

Featuring his trademark style, these are fantastic renderings of 13 characters from the figure collection released back in 1980 to coincide with what many people consider to be their favourite instalment of the saga.

In case you’re wondering why 13 – after a Facebook poll the list of ‘must have’ images was decided – you get a December bonus of Zuckuss & 4-LOM (to make up for there being no film release that month!)

The other characters featured are Han Solo (Hoth), Luke (Bespin), AT-AT Driver, Dengar, Leia (Bespin), IG-88, Lando, Bossk, Snow Trooper, Boba Fett and Yoda.

Check out the calendar at the following link and don’t forget to check back daily to see their next advent treat!

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