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Long-time followers of Fantha Tracks and UK convention attendees will no doubt be aware of the work of our chum, Gav aka The Retro Draughtsman (and if not, then frankly shame on you!)

His renderings of the toys of yesteryear in the style of, well a draughtsman, are a big hit with us here and although the venture has been parked in recent months whilst he concentrates on the equally brilliant Cult Locations Ink , he has announced that to help kids both young and old who may be self-isolating during the current Corona virus outbreak he’s put his colouring book online as a free download.

Not only will it help you pass the time but it’s a great way to sample what his art is all about.

So click here to grab a copy, but if you can visit his site and pick up a piece of great art to help support him during this difficult time for all our convention chums, we’d be very grateful

If you want to know more then why not read our interview with Gav, or head over to the site and tell him Fantha Tracks sent you.