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Long-time followers of Fantha Tracks and UK convention attendees will no doubt be aware of the work of our chum, Gav aka The Retro Draughtsman (and if not, then frankly shame on you!)

His renderings of the toys of yesteryear in the style of, well a draughtsman, are a big hit with us here and we’re delighted to see that he’s brought the brand out of hibernation due public demand during the current lockdown and lack of conventions which would usually be his lifeblood. Alongside the equally brilliant Cult Locations Ink, he has announced that he is bringing back not only the classic prints but also some new art created to help him while away the days on lockdown.

In addition to announcing that his colouring book would be available to download for free (here) he has also announced the first new piece of art is one of his Lego minifigure drawings, featuring The Mandalorian.

The brand is only back for a limited time, so why not head over to the site and pick up some of his amazing work and tell him Fantha Tracks sent you!