A few years back I had the good fortune to write a fun piece for StarWars.com looking at the fondly remembered Star Wars: The Biscuit from Burton’s Biscuits. Available in two wrappers, Star Wars or Return of the Jedi (sadly no appearance for The Empire Bites Snack) this crunchy treat was promoted via this action-packed advert, which you can watch here.

By 1983 Star Wars had pretty much invaded every section of popular culture, media and merchandising. You could buy Star Wars everything — pajamas, underoos, stationary, toothbrushes, erasers, remote-controlled cars, costumes — you name it, somewhere in the world, be it licensed or produced by the then numerous and unlicensed cottage industries, it was out there. And kids wanted their snacks to be fuelled by the awesomeness of the galaxy far, far away. We had already seen Lyons Maid release Star Wars ice cream, and Dairy Lee had their cheese squares, while a number of snack companies had brought us a variety of other tasty treats but one thing was missing: biscuits.

Thankfully, here in the UK, we had Burton’s Biscuits on hand to remedy that missing link. Established by George Burton in 1874 in Leek, Staffordshire, by 1935 his descendant Joseph Burton began Burton’s Gold Medal Biscuits as a company. Burton’s developed a reputation for quality biscuits throughout the 1900s and the company established itself in the marketplace, innovating with new methods of baking and sleeker manufacturing processes. Known these days for producing Maryland Cookies, Jammy Dodgers and Cadbury’s Fingers by 1983 they felt the lure of the Force and launched into hyperspace a brand new range. Star Wars biscuits.

Star Wars: Black Series: Return Of The Jedi: Teebo @ ForbiddenPlanet.com


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