Ahmed Best releases video showing the making of his one-man show

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He’s been in the news lately, and in the months leading up to the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace we rejoin Ahmed Best as he works and finesses his one-man show, a project he intends to take around the world.

Today I posted my first Field Notes, my personal VLOG about the making of my one man show.

Its very raw, and candid and I’m terrified, but I want to share the making of this show in real time. Please subscribe.

Many Star Wars actors have been very unfairly treated by social media and online cowards hiding behind fake screen names, none more so than Best. To be pilloried for doing his job – to the extent that he considered ending it all – is a shameful indictment of fandom. Good luck to Ahmed, and we will be following his progress as his one-man show continues to develop.