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You may remember that last year we followed Ben’s Imperial March 2, when Ben dressed in his TK armour walked 275km from Cowes to Paris in 9 days to raise money for Laylas Trust, supported by his friends and support team.

On 6th January Ben and his team announced via their Facebook page – as if last year’s challenge wasn’t enough! – Ben has decided to beat this challenge and face a new one in September by aiming to complete the famous Three Peak Challenge, starting on the 3rd September 2019.

The three Peaks challenge is daunting enough having to climb 3 of the most challenging Peaks Ben Nevis, Scaffel Pike, Snowdon in the U.K but Ben aims to complete it in his TK armour.

Here at Fantha Tracks we wish him all the best and will be following him and his team as the train and complete the challenge in September.