Custom Droids from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

In today’s video we head back over to Disneyland to check out Mubo’s Droid Builders Club January 25th, 2020 meetup.

This club was founded by Dan-O and hosts meetups where members can bring their custom droids to hangout, participate in Droid racing, and take an epic group photo in front of the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Thank you so much for letting us tag along and obsess over all the cool droids that attended the event. Kitra has been inspired to make a custom droid of her own!

“Have you been to Galaxy’s Edge and built a new droid friend at the Droid Depot? Well please post your photos and videos of you building here in this group. We also love to see customizations made on your droids too!”

Thanks for watching! BEEP BOP BOOP……