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Mosaic North Africa are now offering Star Wars tours in Tunisia.

Experience the Force on this Ultimate Star Wars Tour Experience

This Star Wars Tour will take you to visit unforgettable Star Wars film locations throughout Tunisia. This includes visiting the Cantina, seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi’s home on Djerba Island, taking a hike in ‘Star Wars Canyon, walking through the streets of Mos Espa, visiting Luke Skywalker’s home, plus more!

Day 1: Arrive to Tunis / Djerba Island

Arrive to Tunis/Carthage International airport and take the domestic flight to Djerba Island (1 hour flight). When you arrive to the beautiful Djerba Island in Southern Tunisia, you will be met by your driver and transfer to the hotel to relax. Dinner will be at the hotel.

Day 2: Djerba Island Star Wars Film Locations

After breakfast, you will begin your Star Wars tour with morning visits to the Star Wars film locations on Djerba Island. Your first visits will be at the coastal town of Ajim. Here you will visit the exterior of the Cantina. The film location of the Millennim Falcon blasting off from Mos Eisley is located in the area next to the Canitina. Located just outside the Ajim town is a historic mosque which was used for exterior shots of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s home where he lived during his exile.

Continue along the coastal road until you reach Sidi Jemour, a popular and beautiful beach on Djerba Island. You will see a building which is now used as a fishing shack and is set against the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. This building was used as the Tosche Station for the Anchorhead. You might not recognize this film location as it was only used in the deleted exterior scenes with Luke and Biggs Darklighter and in the Special Edition for the scene showing Luke’s landspeeder heading towards Mos Eisley with Ben and the droids.

In the afternoon, take a tour of Djerba Island visiting the famous pottery town of Guellela, Ghriba Synagogue (oldest Synagogue in North Africa), and Houmet Souk. Dinner will be at the hotel.

Day 3 : Djerba / Medinine / Ksar Ouled Soltane / Tataouine / Ksar Hadada / Matmata

Today you will be a full day of site visits and travel so you will have an early start. Begin the day by traveling over the Roman causeway connecting Djerba Island to the mainland. Your first stop will be Medenine, to begin the visits of the Slave Quarters Row, and where Anakin and Shmi lived. Continue to Ksar Ouled Soltane, the best-preserved Ksar in southern Tunisia. This was also one of the locations of the Slave Quarters Row in the Phantom Menace, and the guide can direct you to the exact film location. Return back to Tataouine. Although the movie was not filmed in this city, this city’s name was an inspiration for naming a desert planet.

On the way to Ksar Hadada is another film location of the Slave Quarters Row in Star Wars Episode I. There is a scene inside Ksar Hadada where a balcony was used to film Shmi and Qui-Gon Jin talking about Anakin as he works on his Podracer. When you are ready, travel to Matmata for dinner and night.

Day 4: Matmata / Douz / Chott El Jerid / Sidi Bouhlel / Tozeur or Nefta

In the morning, take time at the Hotel Sidi Driss, which was used as the interior for Lars Homestead, the home of Luke Skywalker in the 1976, A New Hope film. In 2002, the film makers returned to this set where the site was featured again in Attack of the Clones.

Continue across Chott El Jerid to Sidi Bouhlel and travel to ‘Star Wars canyon’ where 9 scenes were filmed including: when the Jawas were attacked and buried, Jawa Rock and the scenes of the Tusken Raiders. When you have completed your visits, continue to Tozeur or Nefta for dinner and night.

Day 5: Tozeur / Nefta / Ong Jemel / Tozeur

After breakfast, visit the Dune Sea, the Krayt Dragon Ridge and the location of the igloo of Lars Family Homestead exterior on the Chott El Jerid. The location was also used in Attack of the Clones and the final shot of Revenge of the Sith.

Return back to Nefta and travel to the Mos Espa film site beautifully located amongst the Sahara dunes. Here you will find the Pod-racing arena, the Mos Espa streets, Watto’s shop, market, and Sebulba’s Café. East of the set you will find the Yardangs, where the Jedi fight between Qui-Gonn and Darth Maul in Episode I was filmed. It was also the location of the Queen’s Royal Starship.

Close by is Ong Jemel ‘the neck of the camel’ where Darth Maul arrives on Tatooine and releases the Sith Probes. After finding Anakin and Qui-Gon, Darth Maul is seen flying over the cliffs. Return back to Tozeur for dinner and night.

Day 6: Tozeur / Kairouan / Hammamet

In the morning, you will travel to Hammamet where you will have a stop in the historic city of Kairouan. Here you will wander through the ancient medina. Continue to Hammamet for night.

Day 7: Tunis / Departure

Depending on your departure flight schedule, you may enjoy a guided tour of the Tunis medina, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. The famous Zitouna Mosque, spice market, and the gold souk (market) are sites you don’t want to miss. Spend time walking around and enjoy learning about the rich history in the Tunis medina before being transferred to the Tunis/Carthage International airport for your departure flight.