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One of the original craftsmen behind the Yoda puppet for The Empire Strikes Back will be appearing over the weekend at Celebration Chicago. Nick Maley was one of Stuart Freeborn’s team, bringing the Jedi Master to life in spectacular fashion.

Just a note to let you and the Making Tracks guys know that I am making an unannounced stop at Celebration. I will around the Prop Store stand 2235 Saturday and Sunday to show the ultimate Yoda renovation, a non-commercial project that I undertook late in 2016 as a result of Celebration Europe which the Prop Store sponsored. I’ll be displaying a bronze of the latest reassembly sculpt.

“Nick Maley, a crucial member of the original Yoda crew on The Empire Strikes Back is using relics combined with his experience of assembling 3 of the 4 Yoda’s used made for The Empire Strikes Back to restore a perfect on screen likeness of our favorite Jedi Master ”

I also contributed to Chewbacca, Snaggletooth (Takeel & Zutton & others), the Crockers including Bossk, the Rat Alien (Snitch Garindan), Bat Alien (Kabe), Walrus creature (Mosep), Dr Evazan, Dannik Jerriko, The Fly Alien (aka Tzizvvt), Ponda Baba and Greedo, the Wampa, the Ugnaughts, and I designed and built the close-up puppet version of the Mynock.