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We’re a week away from opening, when images will flood social media, the official site and here at Fantha Tracks, but to give you a better idea of the footprint and geography of the park expansion, here’s a look at the guidemap for Galaxy’s Edge, courtesy of Disney Parks Blog.

As you can see, there are three entrances into the new 14-acre land. Once inside, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be filled with plenty of stories to explore as you live your own adventure—from an authentic Star Wars cantina on the Outer Rim of the galaxy to exotic creatures, a Resistance encampment and daring missions aboard the Millennium Falcon!

You can now also navigate Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on your mobile phone or desktop! Check out the map on Disneyland.com and the official Disneyland App. Also available on Disneyland.com is the Merchant & Food Guide to help familiarize yourself with the special food, beverage and merchandise offerings!

And the app has also updated today to include the park map.