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Galaxy’s Edge continues to amaze visitors from around the world, with more and more experiencing the new land in California, and in the newly opened Florida park.

At the recent D23 Expo, Disney pulled together some of the woman who helped design, and make the park a reality to discuss their experiences on the build.

Here are a few quotes from some of the woman on the panel, but be sure to take the link to read a full review of the entire panel.

Kris Theiler, Vice President of Disneyland Park:
“We want to tell the stories of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – bring that to life, bring Disney stories and also the theme park aspect to it, and so many times it was really just collaboration.”

“A place can’t come to life without people and our cast. We worked really hard at Disneyland Resort to make sure we were getting the cast very excited and making sure they were going to be able to add to the storytelling in the land.”

Robin Reardon, Executive Portfolio Producer at Walt Disney Imagineering:
“This was an incredible project. Projects like this are complex, they last a long time and building a team that is dynamic and collaborative is always tricky. You match the Disney fans with the Star Wars fans, the expectation of what we had to deliver and what we needed and wanted to deliver was huge.”

Anisha Deshmane, Assistant Producer at Walt Disney Imagineering:
“All of the storylines are relevant – all of them are important. Everyone has something unique about Star Wars that they latch onto, and that’s something that we wanted to bring to life. We really wanted to make sure that all of our guests had the opportunity to have a really unique, customized experience that they chose how to spend their time.”

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