Some see them as the saviours of the universe, others see them as small furry fuzz balls. Well, over at Her Universe they are celebrating our furry Endorian friends with a nod to the Ewoks Animated series in the new The Our Universe Ewok range !

Wicket’s ready to get into mischief with you! This long-sleeved tee from the animated Star Wars series features Wicket in a circular graphic in the center with the title Ewoks underneath.

Printed down the left sleeve is “Yub nub” in rounded yellow and brown text.


Hang out with your new fuzzy friends with this burgundy sweatshirt from the animated Star Wars series, Ewoks.

Features Wicket, Princess Kneesaa, Teebo and Latara. Yub Nub!

Are you ready for Camp Endor? Come hangout with Wicket and friends at the Bright Tree Village!

This cream and dark green ringer tee from the animated Star Wars series, Ewoks, features a crisscross spear design with Ewoks, campfire and a skull headdress.

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