Let’s Draw Star Wars: How to Draw the Millennium Falcon

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Art Trooper Eric teaches you how to draw his favorite ship of all time, the Millennium Falcon! This bucket of bolts may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.

In Let’s Draw Star Wars, our squad of Art Troopers will teach you how to draw something new from the Star Wars galaxy in every episode. For artists of all ages and skill levels, master the tricks to drawing your favorite ships, characters, creatures, and much more, from our staff of professional ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) artists!

Eric Tobiason has loved drawing from a very young age; he only learned to walk so he could go find more paper. He got his first job as an artist at the age of 12 helping to teach younger students. Today he is an art director at Industrial Light & Magic, currently working with ILMxLAB.

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