sat down with TOMS designer Nathan Photavath to discuss their new range of Star Wars inspired shoes. The new collection takes its inspiration from concept art and storyboards. What made you decide to use these early iterations of the film creation instead of going in another direction? How did you choose which scenes to focus on?

Nathan Photavath: From the start, we thought about, “How do we make our collaboration different from others in the past by building on what is unique to both parties?” The TOMS brand started off with one iconic shoe, the Alpargata, and pioneered the One for One model. For every shoe we sold, we gave another to a child in need. We wanted to merge the idea of where it all started in the first drop to build the foundation of the collection and partnership. Hence, focusing the collection on the classic saga. After touring the Lucasfilm office, I was immediately inspired by the film’s original storyboard concept art and images floating around the building. Diving deeper into each film from the original trilogy, I thought about which landscapes and scenes really stood out as being iconic, and to top it off, these were almost like flashbacks of my earliest memories from the films.