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StarWars.com: BB-8 and Porg puppeteer Brian Herring on his journey to The Last Jedi

StarWars.com catches up with puppeteer Brian Herring.

StarWars.com: Taylor Gray on the journey of Ezra Bridger

Taylor Gray looks at the development of his character Ezra Bridger through the four years of Star Wars Rebels.

StarWars.com: Top 10 Luke Skywalker Moments

What's your favourite Luke Skywalker moment, and is it on this StarWars.com list? Watch and find out.

StarWars.com: Over 40 years of Star Wars: A New Hope novelization covers

The Star Wars: A New Hope novelization has been released with many, many covers. StarWars.com takes a look at some of them.

Daisy Ridley on Facebook live NOW

Daisy Ridley is answering your questions on Facebook live, right now.

StarWars.com: Daniel José Older talks Last Shot

StarWars.com catch up with author Daniel José Older to discuss Last Shot.

StarWars.com: How Hasbro’s HASLAB are bringing the Sail Barge to life

StarWars.com look at how HASLAB are bringing the Sail Barge to life.

StarWars.com: Last Shot exclusive excerpt

StarWars.com take a look at Daniel José Older's Last Shot.

StarWars.com: Star Wars Battlefront II update brings new maps, new mode and most importantly….jetpacks

Star Wars Battlefront II receives new maps and updates. StarWars.com investigate.

StarWars.com: Kanan’s evolution in Rebels is a story of acceptance and sacrifice

Bryan Young looks at Kanan’s journey over at StarWars.com

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