Clone Wars Declassified and Download: Shattered

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Go behind the scenes of “Shattered” from the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars with executive producer Dave Filoni, cast, and crew, as they discuss Ahsoka and Rex’s experience of Order 66, plus more! also dives deep into the episode in the penultimate edition of Declassified, where they take a look at a vital exchange.

The Jedi conference call — from a certain point of view.

Here, we see the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith literally lineup with The Clone Wars, as “Shattered” features the Jedi Council holocall from Episode III — in which Mace Windu says that “the dark side of the Force surrounds the Chancellor” — early on. Only now we discover that the discussion went on longer, with Ahsoka joining in, reporting that she’s secured Maul, and learning that Obi-Wan is on the way to confront General Grievous. It’s a nice surprise that allows the series to dance between the raindrops of what occurs in Revenge of the Sith, while putting Ahsoka on a parallel path.

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