One of the avenues – the many avenues – not taken in the Star Wars story is Colin Trevorrow‘s version of episode 9. Speaking with Empire Magazine, Trevorrow delves into his experiences on the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga.

“I’m not sure anyone who chooses the creative life should expect things. But I’m grateful to JJ for embracing some of our ideas. It’s exciting that fans will get to see the moments that felt essential to all of us.”

There’s always a lightbulb moment that makes any story hang together, and Trevorrow explains how J.J. Abrams brought that to the table.

“Bringing back the Emperor was an idea JJ brought to the table when he came on board. It’s honestly something I never considered. I commend him for it. This was a tough story to unlock, and he found the key.”

Interestingly, Trevorrow influenced a moment in The Last Jedi, cueing up a potential thread in his version of Episode 9.

“I just asked Rian if he could include a little moment where Rey and Poe meet for the first time. They’re such beloved characters, it felt right for them to have some history in the next movie. I thought the way he did it was perfect.”