Daisy Ridley would appear to be interested in taking on a role in the MCU, and in regards to the role of Spider-Woman that regularly seems to be linked to her she makes it clear that should it come her way, she’d certainly consider it.

“Well, it’s funny because someone asked me off the cuff about the Spider-Woman rumours recently, and I went, ‘Oh, that sounds great.’ Apparently, I’ve now declared myself a front-runner to be Spider-Woman which isn’t true! It’s funny because I don’t really choose things… I [didn’t] set out to do another ‘big film.’ I just read the script, loved it, and loved the idea of it.”

“Basically, should something come along and be great, of course, I’d be open to anything. I just finished WandaVision. What they did with it is so amazing and different and interesting. To be particularly in that world, which is ever-shifting and reimagining itself would be very exciting.”



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