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Rolling back the years once again we present Danny’s Diary, a series of article written back in 2007 – 2008 and originally posted on Lightsabre.co.uk by ILM and Kerner Optical multi-tasker Danny Wagner.

Saturday 18th August 2007

Dear Diary,

Well as for Pig Hunt it’s over now and I hope moviegoers like it. The Ripper ( Boar) was a massive sculpt to do in 2 weeks. It was a blast seeing it come to life on location. Everyone loved him. Its a real pleasure puppeteering your creature and making it come to life. Of course with the help from the rest of the crew its menacing quality and evil essence of life was most terrifying during the creepiest dark moments.

As for Kerner Optical it’s been a year now and we are celebrating!! With a lot more exciting projects to come. As for me I’m sculpting currently on a stone cave style wall on a movie I can’t mention.

For the near future we possibly will be doing more cool creatures!

Life in the KO model shop is going great.