Duel of the Fates: An animated look at what could have been

It’s one of the many unproduced Star Wars scripts, a pitstop on the journey to Episode IX and here Mr Sunday Movies presents an animated version of the script, bringing a fun look at a film that never was as well as the released DOTF concept art and a look at the storyboards of this animated short and how it was made.

Before JJ Abrams came on board for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Colin Trevorrow was slated to direct his own version, Duel Of The Fates. Vastly different to the Episode 9 that we ended up with it included no Emperor Palpatine, his Master Tor Vallum (using concepts from a cut character from the JJ version) more Rise Tico and General Leia, a double sided lightsaber for Rey, Kylo Ren as the main protagonist and about the same amount of the Knights Of Ren we actually got. There’s also a Finn Stormtrooper uprising plot that unfortunately I cut due to time and money constraints.