Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Emilia Clarke discussed the pressures of the idea of singing classic George Michael songs in her new romantic comedy Last Christmas, which opens 8th November.

“I was aware that that would be too much pressure for me to be like, ‘It’s George Michael! I’m singing to George Michael!’

“[But then] I kind of realised that the words that I were saying were so poignant for the character, and that I was telling her story, and it’s just that George Michael was giving me the vehicle with which to do it.”

“[George] was just the loveliest guy you could imagine. [He loved] all of these themes in the movie; he was passionate about homelessness, and he had this great social conscience.

“I got really enthused and we started to write, and then – of course – he had that tragic early death in 2016, on Christmas Day.

“So we lost him, and I miss him so much. I wish he was here because I know he’d love it, because the film’s like being hugged, and all of his music – we’ve got 15 of his songs, including a new one at the end – is so cool.”

Last Christmas: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Audio CD – Audiobook
  • German (Publication Language)
  • 11/08/2019 (Publication Date) - Legacy (Publisher)