While A New Hope gave us Red and Gold Squadron, The Empire Strikes Back gave us another iconic wing of fighter pilots – Rogue Squadron. In-universe inspired by Rogue One and splintering off from Red Squadron, Rogue Squadron was created for Empire and Bria LaVorgna writing at StarWars.com takes a look at the legendary pilots of the Rebellion.

Rebellions might be built on hope but they require a lot more than that to succeed. In the case of the Rebel Alliance, that meant people, weapons, and spaceships, and one of those is a lot harder to get a hold of than the others. Starfighters are expensive, which meant Red Squadron often had more pilots available than ships.

Derek “Hobbie” Klivian, a classmate of Wedge Antilles’s back at the Empire’s Skystrike Academy, who had defected along with him, survived because he had been Jek Porkins’s alternate during the Battle of Scarif (and likely Yavin). Col Takbright was another pilot kept out of combat during the Battle of Yavin due to a lack of additional starfighters along with at least four others.

In the wake of the almost back-to-back space battles, the Rebel Alliance was victorious, but there wasn’t much left of Red Squadron. They would also have to find a way to rebuild.

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