Exploring the Shadows of the Empire enhanced CD soundtrack

Shadows of the Empire is returning to CD and vinyl on 7th August, bringing Joel McNeely’s sumptuous score back to music lovers and fans of the galaxy far, far away. Wrapped around a glorious Drew Struzan cover, the 1996 release was an enhanced CD and GFFA Games take a look at what fans of the time could browse through on this now obsolete format.

Joel McNeely’s Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire soundtrack was composed for the multimedia event of 1996 – the ‘movie without a movie’ that comprised of a novel, comic, video game and much more – Shadows of the Empire.

This soundtrack is being rereleased by Varese Sarabande records, but the original version contained extra information as part of a now-obsolete ‘Enhanced CD’ format. In this video we explore those contents, and think back on Shadows of the Empire and how important it was to Star Wars and the Expanded Universe!