Looking back to the making of Shadows of the Empire

Back in 1996, when the prequels were still 3 years away and the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition was tantalisingly close, StarWars.com was just launching and Power of the Force was the hot collecting line, Shadows of the Empire arrived. Pitched as a movie without a movie, we got toys, books, comics, a soundtrack, trading cards and more and here Saintmillion takes a look at every aspect of the release, with some exclusive interviews.

A deep dive into the creation of a Star Wars multimedia project that takes place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. We look into the story, comics, toys, soundtrack, and even ideas for a Boba Fett video game.

0:00:00 A Movie Without a Movie
0:02:01 The Extended Universe
0:06:31 The Book
0:10:42 Art and Design
0:20:21 The Video Game
0:40:13 The Soundtrack
0:44:26 The Comics
0:46:27 The Toys
0:48:49 The Story
1:18:57 End

Special thanks to Jon Knoles for a special interview surrounding this subject.


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