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Skywalker Sound Director of Music Recording & Scoring, Leslie Ann Jones has spoken with the Grammy website about her role and career for the “Behind The Board” series.

Five-time GRAMMY-winning engineer Leslie Ann Jones runs the show at Skywalker Sound and, in the latest episode of Behind The Board, takes us inside her world and the path her career has taken to becoming one of the most accomplished and respected studio professionals in her field.

Since 1997, Jones has been behind the board at Skywalker Sound, and as Director of Music Recording & Scoring, she is responsible for the administration of the studio’s world-class scoring stage.

“Our job here is to provide the space and the environment so that the artists who come here can be creative,” Jones said about Skywalker Sound. “We have everything laid out and ready to go. They can walk in the door, you can push record, and they can have a great time.”

She names her work on the wildly successful game Halo and specifically recording guitar parts with Steve Vai as some of her favorite recent projects.

But Jones also finds the time to produce and engineer plent of other projects as well. In fact, she picked up her fifth career GRAMMY earlier this year with a win for Best Engineered Album, Classic for her work on Kronos Quartet’s Riley: Sun Rings. While the work she does can be very technical, her key to success is in working with people, which came from what she says is the best advice she received when she was starting out her career.

“You’re going to be spending a lot of time with people, so learn how to get along with them,” she said.

Find out what she tells up-and-coming studio professionals, when she realized recording music could become a real career for her and more in the episode above.

Take the link through to Grammy.com to see the video interview.