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Naomi Ackie has spoken with the Metro about the news her ‘Game Of Thrones’ prequel,  Bloodmoon, is being cancelled.  The prequel to the smash hit show was written by Jane Goldman and George RR Martin, and set thousands of years before the original.

As for Naomi’s reaction to the news? Chatting to Metro.co.uk after presenting alongside Joe Cole at the BIFA nominations announcement, she blew a raspberry and gave us a thumbs down. ‘Can you put that in [the article]?’ she laughed. Yes, we can.

‘At the moment it’s not fully confirmed, but this stuff happens,’ she acknowledged.

‘It’s an industry in which things happen, things get put down, I’m just really excited about what is out there for me now. That was a great project, it didn’t work out. I’m ready to look for more stuff.’ The star added: ‘[I’m] taking it in my stride. This industry will throw you about left, right and centre so you’ve got to take it in your stride!’