Here’s something that long-time fans will be very familiar with. For years, George Lucas extolled the virtues of the scores of John Williams, saying that while you could watch the original trilogy as a silent movie and follow easily what was going on, you could also watch them with just the soundtrack in place and the emotional resonance of the music would tell the story just as well. Now, decades later, Rian Johnson has put those words into action with a version of The Last Jedi that does just that, runs through the film with only the Oscar nominated score of Williams in place.

In an interview with Prime Video, the director behind last year’s blockbuster opened up about a “music only” version of the film which includes no dialogue, no sound effects or background noises and just longtime Star Wars composer John William’s score. Johnson expressed his excitement towards this cut of the film as it will exemplify William’s riveting and emotional score, “It’s incredible because you really see the nuance that he rides the emotion of the scenes with and just being able to focus on that music.”

Johnson also mentions that fans will be able to access the “music only” version of Star Wars: The Last Jedi as long as you purchase the film on Digital HD or on home video and sign up for a Movies Anywhere account which he stresses is absolutely free to sign up for.