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Slashfilm have posted a rumour that the fifth Indiana Jones film is no longer being written by Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jon Kasdan. Instead the 3rd sequel (remember, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was a prequel to 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark) will be written by Dan Fogelman, the creator of NBC’s This Is Us and films including Cars, Fred Claus, Last Vegas, and Life Itself.

Since their initial post Slashfilm have updated with new information regarding the project, holding fast on Kasdan leaving the project.

One of our own sources close to the production reveals that Kasdan’s script did not involve the Nazi gold train story, but confirmed that Kasdan is no longer working on the project. We haven’t been able to independently confirm Dan Fogelman’s involvement, but we’ll update this piece again if we learn more.

Kasdan’s idea sounds pretty cool, and that gold train angle was a way to incorporated the Nazis (the best villains of the Indy franchise) back into the story years after World War II. (I’m guessing the movie will be set long before 2016, when Nazis came crawling out from the rocks they were hiding under and emerged into our society again.) MSW says they aren’t sure what Fogelman’s angle will be, or what McGuffin he’ll be using, but their sources indicate that it’s not going to be the search for missing Nazi gold.

As always, until Lucasfilm confirm or deny then it’s all rumours, but either way it appears that progress is being made and Indiana Jones 5 will be arriving in theaters 9th July 2021.