Production on a third as yet unannounced TV series set in the Star Wars galaxy has begun in the U.K according to publicly available company records.

We expect this new third series will air on Disney+ following on from the release of The Mandalorian and the Cassian Andor TV series.

Since 2012 we have broken the news of every production name behind every Star Wars movie shot in the UK, and continue that tonight.  Tonight we are revealing the name of the latest Star Wars TV series that will shoot in the UK, as well as the name for the next Star Wars movie which we understand to be the first in the Rian Johnson trilogy.

Revealed previously were:
The Force Awakens –
FOODLES PRODUCTION (UK) LIMITED – AVCO (Where J.J. saw A New Hope – Source: Making Star Wars)
Rogue One –
LUNAK HEAVY INDUSTRIES (UK) LIMITED – Los Alamos (Birth place of the atomic bomb / Birth of the Death Star)
The Last Jedi –
(Explained by story group: “We were talking about how Luke had retreated and just taken himself out of the world and for some reason [it felt like] Legends of the Fall,when Tristan goes into the woods in the end,” Rayne Roberts shared. “But then we were like, ‘And then he gets mauled by a bear.’ And then someone said, ‘So Luke’s like a space bear.’”)
Solo –
STANNUM 50 LABS (UK) LIMITED – Red Cup (As in the iconic American party SOLO red cups )
Episode IX – 
Rumoured Kenobi movie –
PLT PRODUCTIONS (UK) LIMITED – Joshua Tree (Joshua Tree National Park was home to some scenes used as Tatooine in Return of the Jedi – Source: Omega Underground)

Tonight we can reveal that the third as yet unannounced Star Wars TV series will be shot in the UK under the production name of SERIES III PRODUCTIONS (UK) LIMITED which was registered on the public UK companies register on the 12th October 2018.  We anticipate that the focal point of the series will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration in April.

Registered on the exact same day was E&E INDUSTRIES (UK) LIMITED which we understand will be the first film from the planned Rian Johnson trilogy.

It should be noted that for convenience Disney register businesses in blocks, and the creation of these businesses does not mean they started production at those dates, merely that they intend to enter production soon.

This can of course mean very early design development, and does not necessarily mean they will see final production, as seen recently with PLT Productions (the Kenobi movie.)

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