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The 20th Century Fox building in Soho appears to be nearing the end of its productive life as planning permission has been submitted that will see the grand old Fox headquarters razed to the ground.

This is the building where Peter Beale and the UK staff of 20th Century Fox made so many vital decisions regarding the fate of Star Wars back in the mid 70’s. With its demolition, another brick in the wall of the 1977 original is taken.

A planning application has been submitted to demolish the iconic 20th Century Fox building in Soho Square, London, which has stood as the studio’s UK headquarters since it was built in 1936–7.

Following the Walt Disney Company’s $71.3bn takeover of 20th Century Fox’s entertainment assets, which was closed in March this year, major changes are expected at the UK branch of the US studio.

Among the outstanding questions is where employees will be housed in the UK. Disney’s primary office in London is in Hammersmith, on the west side of the city, and it has been speculated Fox staff who are retained would likely move there.

This now seems increasingly likely as an application has been submitted to the City of Westminster Council to demolish the 20th Century Fox building in Soho, with plans to build a brand new building on the site, including residential flats, retail and restaurant units, and office space.

Time waits for no one, but it would certainly be a great shame to see this iconic building end its life in rubble.