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Uproxx.com have reviewed Netflix’s second half of the first season of The Chef Show and its clear that the cooking is strong with this one.  The Chef Show is a US cooking show featuring buddies Jon Favreau and Roy Choi as they take us on a fun filled culinary experience as we cook, laugh and dine with a range of guests including Dave Filoni.  Let’s hope that Dave gets some fruit before it is stolen by a droid!

“here we get Favreau and Choi hanging out at the legendary Skywalker Ranch. Dave Filoni — who writes and directs Star Wars animated series — jumps in the kitchen as Choi and Favreau cook.

Choi bustles around the kitchen as Favreau and Filoni basically talk shop about working on Star Wars projects, working at Skywalker Ranch, and being huge Star Wars nerds. If you’re into that stuff, well, you’ll be into it. As with the Avengers episode, they don’t dwell on the pop culture. It’s more like two insiders revealing that they’re just fans who got amazingly lucky and are now part of something they love.”

Be sure to check this show out for interesting snippets of information from many popular franchises.