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IT was a landmark moment in Star Wars history this past Friday when Disney Plus debuted Chapter 3: The Sin of The Mandalorian and at the helm was the franchises first live action female director, Deborah Chow. Chow is set to direct the Kenobi series which starts shooting in the summer of 2020, and Greef Karga actor Carl Weathers had only good things to say about her work.

“It really came across that she knew what she wanted and had mapped out what this episode was going to be very precisely. As an actor working with so many different directors, when somebody has a great sense of what they want to do, it allows you a lot more freedom and your choices are much more in sync. She took the pressure off of me and the other actors.”

“I don’t want to pour water on that or anything, but to me it isn’t such a big deal. Why is it such a big deal if a woman directs an episode of “Star Wars” and does a great job? She came in and hit it out of the park. Good directors are good directors and it’s high time that we give people a shot who are just good directors and who do a great job.”