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Welcome to Fantha Tracks complete guide to The Mandalorian. Here we will post every reference, Easter egg, everything named and unnamed per episode and some fun trivia in-between. If you are keen to avoid spoilers, move along…

Official summary: Target in-hand, The Mandalorian must now contend with scavengers.

Familiar faces: Jawas and Trandoshans are seen, Wookiees are mentioned.

Newly introduced: This episode introduces us to two new creatures, a Mudhorn (looking a lot like a prehistoric Elasmotherium) and an orange lizard-like creature (That the subtitles referred to as an insect).

Trivia: The Jawaese, like the Huttese in the previous episode, contained many words we had heard before, but also new ones like Sooka (meaning egg – spelling unsure as of yet).

The Mandalorian climbing the sandcrawler seemed inspired by the third level of the classic game ‘Super Star Wars’. While the episode at large felt a lot like a classic Marvel comic like ‘Jawas of Doom’.

Talking about the sandcrawler, this is the first time we have really seen a cockpit for this vehicle. It could be glanced so far only in toys and cross-sections in the ‘Incredible Cross-Sections’ sourcebooks.

The moment of the Jawas steering their sandcrawler towards the stone rocks with the Mandalorian clinging at the side of the vehicle and him barely escaping it was of course taken from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

All the Trandoshans and Jawas are unnamed in the episode and the end credits. We only know of the Jawa Elder, who was played by Stephen Jackson Powers Jr.

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