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The Rise of Skywalker has now surpassed Rogue One to become the third highest grossing (not adjusted for inflation) Star Wars film of them all at the worldwide box office.

Now sitting in 34th position on the all-time worldwide chart, Rise has taken $1,060,370,192 just ahead of Rogue‘s $1,056,057,273 in 35th place. Of the 9 films that broke the billion in 2019, Rise lies 7th globally. The Oscar winning films Joker and Toy Story 4 lie $11 million and $13 million ahead respectively. With the film losing screens and slowing quickly around the world, both of those films are now likely out of reach.

On the domestic chart Rise is in 14th place on $510,634,826 behind Rogue in 13th on $532,177,324, and on its 8th weekend the film took $2,313,348, comparable with The Last Jedi on the same weekend ($2,338,242, but almost $104m behind Last Jedi in total domestic box office) and Rogue One which took $2,922,879. The Last Jedi lasted 18 weeks in cinemas and still had $6m ahead of it while Rogue One lasted 20 weeks with just under $8m to take. Rise lies $22m behind Rogue One, so all-time 14th is as far as it will reach. Globally, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Toy Story 3 are $6m and $8m ahead, both possibly reachable to bring the film up to 33rd position behind Joker.

With undoubtedly impressive domestic figures, it’s at the international box office where the film has fallen short. Of the 46 films to have grossed over a billion dollars worldwide, only 3 of those films have taken less money internationally – The Dark Knight, Finding Dory and Rogue One. In other words, on the international chart (that’s the international total not including North America) Rise sits in 78th position on the all-time list, with 34 films that failed to break the billion taking more money internationally than Rise has.

On the inflation adjusted domestic list Star Wars is very well represented with 4 films in the all-time adjusted top 10. Listing only films released since 1977 (so no Gone With The Wind), A New Hope sits at number one on $1,497,057,186, The Force Awakens in 4th with  $1,006,872,847, The Empire Strikes Back in 6th with $880,005,730, Return of the Jedi in 8th with $847,248,129, The Phantom Menace in 11th with $822,741,783, The Last Jedi in 24th with $628,253,896, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in 34th with $556,450,789, Revenge of the Sith in 39th with $540,446,942, The Rise of Skywalker in 48th with $510,634,826, Attack of the Clones in 57th with $487,136,844 and Solo: A Star Wars Story in 428th position with $213,767,512.