Vogue take a look at the clothes of Solo: A Star Wars Story, a topic that on the face of it may seem trivial but informs the characters and anchors them in some distinct locations.

Playing a game of sabacc (the space equivalent of poker), he wore a graphic yellow shirt that would feel right at home on Gucci’s latest runway. “The scene was set on a warm weather jungle planet, so we thought it would be quite funny if it were a Hawaiian shirt,” says Dillon. “Something Donald could get away with, but others couldn’t.” The statement piece contains plenty of history, drawing from the work of the franchise’s legendary conceptual illustrator Ralph McQuarrie. “He was really the originator of Star Wars art,” says Dillon. “So finding a picture that had never been used and taking its [print] with the suns and water underneath felt appropriate.” The mix of old and new worked perfectly with the film and Glover’s modern interpretation of Calrissian’s swagger.