With people having allergic reactions to food ingredients across the planet, it’s good that DL News Today bring some information regarding the ingredients of their blue and green milks. Read closely, some of the contents might surprise you.

I’m impressed that the colorings really are naturally derived through spirulina, which is a kind of algae, for the blue milk, and spirulina, turmeric, and beta carotene for the green milk (the turmeric is what gives it that slight yellow tinge, as opposed to it being a stronger green color.)

Many have mentioned getting allergic reactions to these milks, so it’d be worth inspecting these ingredient lists closely for any troublesome allergy-triggering foods.

In a theme park laden with gratuitously sugary and oily snacks, it’d be hypocritical to judge these “milks” as strikingly “unhealthy” by any stretch, but it’ll definitely make you think next time you glug away, or even worse, layer them both. It’s also interesting to note that Kent Precisions Food Group (on the label) also produces and distributes mixes for another Disney Parks snack: the classic fan-favorite Dole Whip.