Dataminers uncover Battlefront 2 unfinished character customisation

- Advertisement - report that dataminer Uninspired Zebra have unearthed the Star Wars Battlefront 2 unfinished character customisation and maps; could this be a sign of things to come?

It’s not a massive surprise – we’ve known for a while that some customisation features were planned, just not ready in time for launch. But we do get a sneak peek at some of the alternative character skins that are likely on the way, including some that will presumably be premium items.

As you can see in the video above (again, captured by Uninspired Zebra, and a few more skins shown in this Imgur gallery here), there are a lot of skins to pick from. Many being small variants (such as clone legion liveries or faces on rebel soldiers), but there’s a few more flashy ones in there, presumably set to be equivalent to Overwatch’s rarer skins, depending on how they plan to let them be unlocked. I do question some of the names for rebel grunts, though. ‘Hector’ ‘Juan’ and ‘Eli’ don’t sound as Star Wars’y as they might, if at all.

How do you think this’ll go down? EA have said they plan on reactivating the cash shop for the game eventually, but are waiting until the fires have died down and the loot box system has been reworked. Will we see sweeping overhauls and a shift to a more cosmetic economy, or will they retain the status quo?

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