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For you friends who like to build some things and want to start venturing into the world of Raspberry Pi. How about start playing with a very simple project.

Many Raspberry Pi boards are sold with a starter kit, made up of various components useful to beginners. Most of these kits come with a Piezo buzzer.

This project is great to begin to familiarize yourself with the basic of circuits and codification, and the idea here is to recreate the Imperial March, using a few components.

This video comes from YouTuber Leon Anavi and explains in excellent detail everything required in order to recreate the dark side anthem. The code is provided in the video description, though the tutorial also takes you through how to clone it directly from GitHub to make the things more easy.

This simple project is a great way to get to grips with the Pi terminal, and how simple programs can affect your components to great effect! Check out this beginner Tutorial for the Raspberry Pi from Makeuseof.com for an in-depth guide to get you started!