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The Fantasy Flight Games Center Events Calendar is updated and online now, detailing what days and times FFG is open from now and into the New Year. The Roseville, MN center is the perfect place for catching up with fellow players,and there are plenty of tables for miniature, card and roleplaying games.

Check out their facilities on the website, and have a look at the calendar to see when they’re open and what special events are going on.

From the website:

The Fantasy Flight Games Center is one of the Twin Cities’ largest spaces explicitly devoted to hobby gaming. It features dozens of tables big enough for board games and roleplaying groups, tables with hand-crafted terrain for miniatures games from Star Wars®: X-wing™ to Warhammer 40,000, and even tables dedicated to painting miniatures. Large windows and bright lighting create a vibrant atmosphere – as well as let you read all the fine print of your cards. There’s also free Wifi, so you can go online to resolve those burning rules questions or post photos of your victory to social media.

Bring your own games from home or borrow one from our extensive game library. Our library features titles from numerous publishers and a range of games, from FFG classics like Arkham Horror and Twilight Imperium to family-friendly titles and dexterity games.

The FFG Center hosts a variety of events, from weekly meet-ups for Magic: The Gathering, Netrunner, and Star Wars®: X-Wing™ to annual events such as Arkham Nights, our autumn celebration of Lovecraft-themed gaming. It also hosts Store and Regional Championships for Fantasy Flight’s Living Card Games and miniatures games. Above all, it is home to the FFG World Championship Weekend.

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