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Available now from Fantasy Flight Games’ ‘Age of Rebellion’, this 96-page books gives us three new playable species and three new talent specializations for designing and building gear in the Star Wars galaxy.
So, do you need the electrodriver, the damper adjuster or the plasmatorch? No, that’s not it, bring me the hydrospanner!

Whether serving as the valiant and heroic Player Characters or being cast as an NPC on a spectrum of trustworthiness, the new species options introduced in Fully Operational are a welcome addition to any campaign.

The renowned musicianship of the Bith is not unearned, but is also not the entirety of what they contribute to the galaxy. Heightened auditory perception is both useful and dangerous in a lifestyle of explosive ordnance and building-sized engines, but the Bith who side with the Rebellion endure such hazards to rid the galaxy of the Empire. Bith excel as Saboteurs and Sappers, where their natural cunning gives them an instinctual edge in some of the more clandestine opportunities for which those specializations are rewarded.

Kaminoans occupy a complicated place in the perception of the Rebellion. Scientifically, their mastery of medical science is hardly rivaled in the galaxy, while their ambitious pursuit of biomedical knowledge is quite controversial, and is viewed unsettling at best and blasphemous at worst. This curious detachment entertained by Kaminoans led to their being instrumental in developing the militarized cloning programs that directly enabled the Empire to subsume the Republic at first. An improved Intellect score makes Kaminoans suited for any Engineer role, and a free rank in the Medicine skill provides flexibility in aiding their comrades even in the absence of a dedicated medic.