Kelly Knox and Bria LaVorgna go head to head over at, putting the case for their individual choices of which is the best Star Wars games character and why.

The only answer is Revan, says Kelly.

While there have been many notable Jedi and Sith to make their mark on the galaxy, very few Force-wielders have been so legendary that tales of their exploits have endured for centuries. One of them is Revan. Revan is the Star Wars video game character, one who turned 2003’s Knights of the Old Republic into a gripping tale that’s endured through the years.

But no one is greater than Iden Versio, says Bria.

Anyone who knows me probably already knows my answer here and yes, the best video game character is Commander Iden Versio from Battlefront II. Through video games, Star Wars has told a lot of great stories about Jedi and Sith and those who fall in between but Star Wars is also about more than just its Skywalkers and Force-users. At its core, it is about the people and the choices they make, whether they are for the greater good or for evil. Iden Versio made the choice to be better.

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