Is a Knights of the Old Republic remake on the way?

MinnMax’s Ben Hanson interviews reporter Jason Schreier about his new book on the unsustainable aspects of the game industry called Press Reset. Jason also talks about when reporting should break the news on game reveals, his transition from Kotaku to Bloomberg as a writer, the challenges of having a large platform on Twitter, and apparently a remake of Knights of the Old Republic happening at Aspyr Media. You can unlock the podcast version of this interview and help support independent games media by supporting MinnMax on Patreon!​

00:00:00​ – Intro
00:00:55​ – The downside of being known for scoops
00:02:31​ – The Knights of the Old Republic rumors
00:03:17​ – Does reporting “spoil” game reveals?
00:10:55​ – Writing Press Reset
00:21:56​ – Early ideas for a third book
00:23:00​ – BioShock, Irrational, and Ken Levine
00:29:28​ – Thoughts on 2K’s next BioShock
00:35:06​ – How to stay in the loop with developers
00:40:05​ – The impact of Schreier’s reporting
00:42:44​ – The transition from Kotaku to Bloomberg
00:46:45​ – The dark side of Twitter
00:55:25​ – Favorite development tidbits from the book
00:58:30​ – The developer of the KOTOR remake