We’re about to enter a new era of Star Wars with The High Republic, and Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge introduces us to one of those characters, the Mirialan Jedi padawan Ady Sun’Zee.

“It’s too dangerous inside alone. I have to help him.”

Hundreds of years before the rise of the Empire, the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order were at their zenith, serving and protecting the galaxy during a time known as The High Republic. As part of their efforts at the time, the Jedi established outposts near the Outer Rim, including a research facility on the planet Batuu.

Ady Sun’Zee was a Mirialan Jedi Padawan that worked in the Batuu outpost, researching rare artifacts discovered across the galaxy, alongside her mentor Jedi Master Sylwin. Fierce and skilled in combat, Ady — like many Padawans before her — struggled with balancing the darkness she felt within herself, and the focus and serenity of the Force.

According to local legend, one day the power of a sinister artifact was unleashed inside the outpost, causing the Jedi to turn on one another — leaving Ady as the sole survivor.