Nolan North on Project Ragtag: “It was visually stunning. It was just really cool.”

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Speaking to Greg Miller on the We Have Cool Friends podcast, Video game voice actor Nolan North touched upon the cancelled Star Wars game known as Project Ragtag, where he describes playing a bounty hunter with no moral compass who was one of several playable characters in the game.

Could this have been one of the best games ever made? We’ll never know, but it appears there was certainly plenty of time, effort, design and money poured into the project that hopefully will come to light in other games and media.

“It was a Bounty Hunter type character, it was kind of… think of a Han Solo type character, yet without the moral compass. So it was interesting. And I wouldn’t even say Han Solo, because there was another character that was like that. He [North’s character] was a bounty hunter, and it was different from Drake, and it was so great.”

Nolan confirmed that his character would have been one of several playable characters. “And there were multiple people that you play as. Think about when you go off in regular Star Wars, you’d go to Dagobah and you’d play as Luke. Then you go to Cloud City you’d play as [someone else].” North did not mean that Luke Skywalker would be playable but rather suggesting that different original characters would be associated with different levels.

North declined to name the cast working with him on the project but spoke in loose details about the characters and shooting the motion capture. North told Miller that the game was at least four months into motion capture when it was cancelled, which he claims is unusual in the games industry. “With Ragtag, [there was] at least 4 to 6 months of shooting? We did a bunch of stuff. It was an ensemble they had done with other characters. But it was visually stunning. It was just really cool.”

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