As previously reported the Action Figure cover variant for Star Wars #51 by John Tyler Christopher, featuring a Jabba The Hutt Wraparound cover is available to order August 23rd at 6pm EST.  However, John has just announced your chance to win a free copy but you must be quick.

To have a chance of winning simply follow these instructions and give it a go to name your Star Wars tag team!  Can you do better than The Tatooine Express?

‪I’m Ready to Rumble tomorrow! Free JABBA THE HUTT Action Figure cover contest! ‬ ‪

Pick any 2 Star Wars characters and make up a tag team name for them by noon (est) tomorrow (Aug 23).

I will assign it a number, and do a random draw.

One winner from Facebook, Twitter & Instagram will get a free copy of my new exclusive, only at! Yes! Yes!‬ Yes! ‪I’m going with “Loverboy” Luke & “Sweet” Shmi, the Tatooine Express!‬