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As if J.J. Abrams isn’t busy enough, now he has announced what has a good chance of being a mega selling new title for Marvel. Announcing a five-part mini series, co-written with his son Henry, the Abrams team talk about their Spider-ambitions with the New York Times.

What was it like seeing the artwork come in?

J. J. I would equate the experience a bit like working on a movie. You have an idea for what Maz Kanata’s castle will look like. [Maz Kanata is the “Star Wars” bar owner who claims Chewbacca is her boyfriend.] It’s theory for months and months, and then you go through phases and design. Then one day you walk onto the set and you’re standing there. You might not be shooting, but you’re just standing on the set. And to get Sara’s artwork, the black and white early renderings, to get those, it’s weird because you’re suddenly looking at a brilliant artist’s interpretation of work that you’ve been talking about for a long time.

Would you want to do more comics, time allowing?

J. J. Sure. It’s been fun working with Henry. I know that Henry has some other ideas for some. I can imagine working with Dad has its advantages but I can imagine wanting to do things on his own.

HENRY Obviously, there is an undeniable privilege here, and I’m not ignorant of that. I think part of creating is creating on your own. My hope and my goal is to do that after this. I can’t believe this opportunity was afforded to us. It’s been a great excuse, especially during the year when I’m in college, just to call and talk about the story.