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The BBC take a look at a recent auction that saw a die-cast Palitoy TIE Bomber sell for ten times its listed price.

A rare and unopened Star Wars toy found in a loft has sold for £2,100, about 10 times its pre-auction estimate.

The Tie Bomber spacecraft had laid undiscovered in its original box, in Leicestershire, for about 40 years.

It belonged to a worker at Coalville’s Palitoy factory, which made Star Wars models and figures in the UK.

The item, which had an estimated price of between £200 and £300, sold at auction in Derbyshire earlier on Thursday.

The model was bought by Ben Watkins, 46, a headhunter from Hampshire, who spent about £5,000 in total at the exhibition.

The collector went for the Tie Bomber due to its “rarity” and felt he got a “bargain” when his £900 bid landed a rare Yak Face figure, which had been expected to sell for much more.

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