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The R2-KT Artists Month rolls on into July after a successful June, giving artists the chance to show off their work to a wider audience during these difficult times. Every day through out June, R2-KT focused on a talented artist of the galaxy, and that continued into July and ends with today’s artist, Brian Deguire.

“I am a freelance artist and illustrator from Indiana. I have worked on illustrations for various properties over the years like Marvel, Rick and Morty, and Adventure Time; but drawing things from the Star Wars universe will always be my favorite. Like many other artists I grew up with the original trilogy. Those movies really drove my imagination and creativity.”

“Return of the Jedi was the first movie I remember seeing in the theater. The opening in Jabba’s Palace was the moment I was hooked. Seeing Jabba, Bib, Salacious, the Gammorean Guards, the Rancor, the Max Rebo band…it blew my young mind!”

“I was lucky enough to have Star Wars Celebration 2 and 3 close to home in Indianapolis. Attending these conventions really reignited my love of collecting. It also opened my eyes to the many collectibles beyond the toys including all the amazing art prints. After years of collecting I decided to dust off my art supplies and start drawing again after a very long hiatus. I was fortunate enough to meet the people at Topps at Celebration in Orlando, which eventually led to my first opportunity to draw Star Wars sketch cards in 2010. I got to work on numerous Star Wars card sets over the years.”

“My first Celebration print came in 2016 in London. It was a dream come true to have an official Stat Wars print. The following year in 2017 I finally got to revisit the subject that started it all with a print dedicated to Jabba and the gang! Most of my prints have fallen into the realm of in-universe advertisements. I really love the idea of making a poster that could be seen hanging somewhere in the background of my favorite Star Wars movie or show. I was able to keep that trend going at Celebration Chicago with a Podracing print that celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace.”

“I would probably describe my style as fun. I have really been influenced by all the Star Wars animated shows from over the years. I also really enjoy adding references and “inside jokes” into my prints whenever I can. I love making stuff that fans can appreciate on different levels. My favorite thing is when someone notices something on one of my prints that makes them smile!”


It’s been great fun sharing these artists with a wider audience, and stay tuned as we’ll be sure to do it again somewhere down the road.

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  • Segura, Alex (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
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