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The R2-KT Artists Month rolls on into July after a successful June, giving artists the chance to show off their work to a wider audience during these difficult times. Every day through out June, R2-KT focused on a talented artist of the galaxy, and now that continues into July with today’s artist of the day, Juan José Matamoros.

Today’s artist Juan Jose Matamoros – a guy so amazingly talented at concept and execution of graphic designs that he doesn’t even talk about it. He works like his hands are on fire, cranking out gorgeous designs over and over, all for the love of the Star Wars community. He quietly puts out his slick, polished, expressive digital artwork like a one-man PR firm. And he does it all to help others.

Anyone in the Star Wars fan community has probably seen a hundred or more of Juan’s designs. They are inescapable and each one a priceless icon. Fans send him rough sketches like you’d find on the back of a napkin and he transforms them into gold. Every fan who asks for their idea to be rendered ends up looking like a rock star thanks to the man. And he does it all humbly and almost overnight.

You just can’t say enough about artists who do it for the pure love of the craft and out of the intrinsic value of friendship. I’m including a LOT of the work he did for R2-KT in his gallery, but my mind reels at the thought of how much is out there that I don’t have in this article. Seriously, go look it all up. The man is amazing. And Star Wars Artist Month tips its hat to the one-man Star Wars fan icon.

“I am a graphic and creative designer with 30 years of experience in this field, since I was little I always had facilities to draw and create my own stories with what I have on hand. Over time, science fiction and comics have been my companions during these years and I am still in constant learning.”

“Star Wars is part of my life since A New Hope, when I left the cinema my world changed, to date they are the pillars of infinite inspiration, which never ceases to amaze me and, above all, it reflects in each design a story told by each person deposited your trust in me. Thanks to the work done by R2-KT (Minions Version), my style became known and was a pillar for what I currently do for friends from all over the world.”

Instagram: @matamorosgraphicdesign
Tee-shirt store: https://www.teepublic.com/user/matamorosgraphicdesign

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