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What would be a better way to celebrate the ending of Season One of The Mandalorian than to see re-imagined comic covers done in the vintage Star Wars Marvel style?  Well, thanks to artist dvglzv we can now see what they could look like.

Warning – minor image spoilers ahead.

For the last six weeks, artist dvglzv has been posting retro covers for each episode of The Mandalorian. So far, they’ve managed to create covers for episodes 1-7 of the series, featuring iconic moments from each episode — including Mando’s run-ins as a bounty hunter, Baby Yoda, going back to Navarro, and the AT-ST Attack on Sorgan. The covers also feature episode titles on the bottom and spot-on details like quotes such as “this is the way,” “Mando at gunpoint,” and “Meet Cara Dune!” with an image of the mercenary in the corner of chapter 4. Take a look:The covers are so good.

They manage to capture the spirit of The Mandalorian series perfectly, while pulling in the visual aesthetic of the old Marvel Star Wars comics. Going the extra mile and editing creases and imperfections make it even more satisfying, to the point that, should The Mandalorian ever officially head into comic form, dvglzv should get strong consideration.

Check out dvglzv here